We are pleased to welcome a growing number of new clients from inner city Manchester and surrounding areas. Here are some of the reasons they have given for choosing us:

  • Reasonable prices
  • Choose your own smile
  • From Manchester Piccadilly to Poulton le Fylde by train, in just over an hour
  • Poulton le Fylde: a pleasant place to visit

You will always be seen by me, Graham Wilding

New patients often say to us, “I have been going to a large dental practice in town, but I hardly ever see the same dentist twice. Just when I am getting used to one dentist, I am told that I have to see another.”

That does not happen with us. You really will only be seen by me - and my nurse, Samantha. I am an established, single-surgery cosmetic dentist in Poulton le Fylde and I have been here for over thirty years. For many of our patients, visiting us from Manchester, it is a life changing experience. And in the unlikely event of a problem, you can rest assured that we will put it right. This is one of the reasons why I am amazed that some people are prepared to take the risk of travelling abroad, for the sort of work we do so close to home. I love my job; it’s my passion and I am always here for you.

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Reasonable Prices

We are based in a small corner cottage in the centre of Poulton le Fylde, so we do not have to pay the high rents, business rates and other expenses faced by inner city dentists. For that reason, our prices are reasonable. That said, quality never comes cheap. If you shop around, you will find cheaper dentists - especially abroad. But if you check the testimonials on this website, you will see that our patients feel that we are good value for money and are more than happy with the quality of service they receive.

From Manchester Piccadilly to Poulton le Fylde by train in just over an hour.

There are at least two direct trains, each way, every hour. And from Poulton le Fylde train station we are just a five-minute walk away.

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Choose Your Own Smile

Whether you want the gleaming celebrity look or just a natural healthy white smile, your wishes can be tailor made into reality by us. And by using our 3-D prediction models, you get to see what your teeth look like before we start any treatment. Any alterations you may wish can be made by you, but we rarely must do that. By listening carefully to our new patients, we usually discover what they are hoping for.

But it is only fair to say to anyone, before they consider changing their smile, once the new upper front teeth are fitted, they nearly always want to extend their new look to their upper back teeth and their lower teeth too. This is something which should be remembered when considering cost.

Duncan and Jerry, our laboratory technicians at DJ Ceramics, are just a two-minute walk away from our surgery. This means that I can check all laboratory work at every stage, from start to finish. For this reason, we hardly ever have to make any alterations at the finished stage. And we only ever use porcelain. Composite bonding can look fantastic to begin with and it is a lot cheaper than porcelain, but it nearly always stains in time. You should only ever have your new smile done once. Porcelain lasts without staining. Check the video on this website for more details.

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Once on board the train at Manchester, you can relax and leave all the stress of driving and parking behind. It is that easy. We really are closer than you think.

Poulton le Fylde: A Pleasant Place to Visit

Poulton le Fylde has all the charm of an ancient market town and all the convenience of twenty first century hospitality. As soon as you step off the train you will find yourself in a place which you might recognise from the covers of county magazines, such as Lancashire Life. Poulton le Fylde is a vibrant, busy place, without the pressure and pace of the city.

There are lots of small shops, cafes, and bars to choose from and every Monday there is a bustling market in the old square. So many of our new clients from Manchester make it a day out when visiting us

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