According to the latest regulations on the provision of dental care. Dentists can only provide triage advice over the phone. Face to face dentistry is forbidden. Any active treatment must be referred to specialist hubs which are being set up around the country. Unfortunately we don't have one in our area just yet but I will post the latest news as soon as I am aware or it. So please keep in touch and share this latest post with as many people as you can. STAY HOME.
Best wishes, Graham Wilding.
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Cosmetic dentistry can be life changing.

Cosmetic dentistry can be life changing.

29th Oct 2018

Cosmetic dentistry can be life changing.

 A case study from Blackpool

 by Graham Wilding.


Cosmetic dentistry is just for celebrities - or is it? One of my more recent enquiries was from a man in his mid-fifties, from Blackpool.


Tom had always been self-conscious about his teeth and did not like smiling. Then when his daughter said she was getting married, he wanted to look his best for the occasion.

 A journey to a new smile

In his search, Tom phoned our surgery and spoke to my nurse, Sam. As always, she was very helpful and answered many of his questions straight away. That was when he decided to make his journey to a new smile with us, here in Poulton le Fylde.

 We listen

When we fist met Tom, he told us all about his concerns and what he was hoping for. we took some impressions of his teeth and sent them to ‘D J Ceramics’, the technicians we have worked with for over twenty years. They created ‘before and after’ study models and a custom-made prediction mould.

 We show before we start

The prediction mould was filled with a temporary, tooth-coloured, material and gently eased around Tom’s upper teeth. When the mould was removed, he was able to see temporary prediction teeth - in his own mouth - so he knew what his new smile would look like.

 A natural, healthy look. 

Successful cosmetic dentistry should be undetectable. Using subtle shades and shape, we ensure that teeth not only look whiter but also look natural and healthy.

 Attention to detail

D J Ceramics is a five-minute walk from our surgery. That means I can check every stage of every cosmetic case we do. I can compare all veneers, crowns and bridges to the prediction models to ensure the result is what the patient wants.

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